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Rounds & Partner Songs Vol. 4 – Follow the Sun Songbook & CD


Songbook: A companion songbook to CD of same title, with vocal scores of all 28 pieces, a Foreword full of engaging information about rounds, and Song Notes about each piece.


CD: 28 of Joanne’s original songs in this exciting genre of rounds!

Superb musicianship, wide range of musical styles, humorous as well as profoundly beautiful and moving. 

Mostly for adults/teens; includes some children’s rounds and rounds for all ages.


CD track list:

1. Follow the Sun

2. Dance With My Desire

3. Silent Forest

4. Annoying People

5. Even Though…

6. Bouncing Ball

7. This Moment

8. Push Pull

9. When I Hear Music

10. Ha Hallelujah

11. Reaching Out

12. The Happy Virus

13. Ping Pong In the Dark

14. A Valentine Catch

15. True Contentment

16. Change Is the Only Constant

17. Union Made Round

18. Jump Right In

19. Pebble On a Roll – a story of harmony  

20. Sol

21. Come & Follow Me

22. Mathematics of Love

23. We Walk On

24. Rhythm of Life

25. Threads

26. Imagine!

27. The Work Out

28. Fare Thee Well

Rounds & Partner Songs Vol. 4 - CD & Songbook Pair

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