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Joanne teaching and leading in August 2022

Joanne was the featured musician on the Daily Antidote of Song on August 20th, 2022.  She led the large international community on Zoom in learning and singing her song “One Family”, and talked about the very interesting form of African-style cyclical songs, as well as the history of how she and Pete Seeger worked to bring this exciting African musical form to Western cultures.  Joanne begins at 3:55, after the “hellos” end.

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20 minute retrospective sampling of Joanne’s choral work

Here is a 20 minute retrospective sampling of Joanne’s work as a choral director and music educator, in two 10-minute YouTube clips.  These choral samplers feature brief clips from her children’s and adult / intergenerational choruses over the years up to 2011; they were created to honor her work as a director/teacher/composer for an award ceremony that year.

Live Performances