Move Like Jazz




Cost:  $8 for each score; then add $1 for each additional copy you plan to make.



Description: A bluesy-jazzy 3-part partner song about the composer’s deep love of dance. This sophisticated partner song also has a middle section (Section E) to include optional dancers in performance as the singers “ooh” their parts and the piano takes off as a solo instrument with vocal back-up. Any style of dance can be performed! [Performances around the country have showcased a group of modern dancers in Massachusetts, a ballroom dance pair in West Virginia, a flamenco dancer in California, a jazz tap dancer in North Carolina, and a hip hop dancer in Boston.] The piece works fine without dancers too, featuring the piano as the singers “ooh”. Appropriate for ages 12-100.


NOTE: This score has piano accompaniment with the 3 vocal parts.  If you’d like to purchase a score with the accompaniment by the instruments heard on the composer’s recording (alto sax, drum set and bass), contact her directly at


Level of Difficulty: Medium, but very accessible


Can be heard on: Rounds & Partner Songs Vol.2 CD

Move Like Jazz