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Rounds & Partner Songs Vol. 2 Songbook & CD


Songbook: A companion songbook to CD of same title, with vocal scores of all 26 pieces, a Foreword full of engaging information about rounds, and Song Notes about each piece.


CD: 26 of Joanne’s original songs in this exciting genre of rounds!

Superb musicianship, wide range of musical styles, humorous as well as profoundly beautiful and moving. 

Mostly for adults/teens; includes some children’s rounds and rounds for all ages.


CD track list:

1. Now That I Know

2. Should I?

3. Take  Me Away

4. Rules

5. Move Like Jazz

6. Rutabaga

7. Me & You

8. Left, Right

9. Kate’s Full Moon Sing

10. For Pete’s Sake

11. Don’t Give Up

12. Roll It Over

13. Toshi’s Clam Chowder

14. Morning Rhythms

15. Sometimes I Stumble

16. Here I Am

17. I Can’t Sing

18. Happy Birthday Round

19. Yes, No

20. A Mother’s Happiness

21. Assumptions

22. Fuzzy Wuzzy

23. Easy As Mi Sol Do

24. Hope

25. Too Much

26. On the Move

Rounds & Partner Songs Vol. 2 - CD & Songbook Pair

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