Rounds & Partner Songs Vol. 1 Songbook & CD


Songbook: A companion songbook to CD of same title, with vocal scores of all 27 pieces, a Foreword full of engaging information about rounds, and Song Notes about each piece.


CD: 27 of Joanne’s original songs in this exciting genre of rounds!

Superb musicianship, wide range of musical styles, humorous as well as profoundly beautiful and moving. 

Mostly for adults/teens; includes some children’s rounds and rounds for all ages.


CD track list:

1. A Question of Tempo

2. Out Beyond

3. One Family

4. Canons Are Fun?

5. Dance With Me

6. Popcorn

7. Boring Day

8. The Heart

9. Candles, Candles

10. In the Bathtub

11. Breakfast

12. Seeds

13. Constancy

14. Paradise

15. Can’t Catch Me

16. You Don’t Know How Hard It Is

17. Hot Tub Diplomacy

18. These Dark Times

19. Ecology Round

20. You Would Think...

21. Break ’Em On Down

22. Dreams of Harmony

23. Hold On

24. Celebrate

25. Mud

26. You’re Right

27. Time’s Soft Wisdom

Rounds & Partner Songs Vol. 1 - CD & Songbook Pair

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