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Pizza Boogie

An outstanding collection of 17 of Joanne’s original children’s songs!

Joanne’s songs go to the heart of children’s concerns and joys, with captivating musicianship.


Consistently receives the highest acclaim from educators, musicians, families and reviewers!


track list:

1. Pizza Boogie

2. Jenny Get Dressed

3. Alligator Pie

4. Morning Rhythms

5. The Brontosaurus Chorus

6. Quiet Times

7. Mud

8. Fuzzy Wuzzy

9. Tell the World

10. Teddy Bear Fever

11. Breakfast

12. Dancin’ to the Beat

13. Clouds & Me

14. Bears In Chairs

15. Rules

16. Where’s My Pajamas?

17. Dreams of Harmony

Pizza Boogie - Original Children's Songs CD