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Rounds & Partner Songs Vol. 4 – Follow the Sun

28 of Joanne’s original songs in this exciting genre of rounds!

Superb musicianship, wide range of musical styles, humorous as well as profoundly beautiful and moving. 

Mostly for adults/teens; includes some children’s rounds and rounds for all ages.


track list:

1. Follow the Sun

2. Dance With My Desire

3. Silent Forest

4. Annoying People

5. Even Though…

6. Bouncing Ball

7. This Moment

8. Push Pull

9. When I Hear Music

10. Ha Hallelujah

11. Reaching Out

12. The Happy Virus

13. Ping Pong In the Dark

14. A Valentine Catch

15. True Contentment

16. Change Is the Only Constant

17. Union Made Round

18. Jump Right In

19. Pebble On a Roll – a story of harmony  

20. Sol

21. Come & Follow Me

22. Mathematics of Love

23. We Walk On

24. Rhythm of Life

25. Threads

26. Imagine!

27. The Work Out

28. Fare Thee Well

DIGITAL VERSION of CD: Rounds & Partner Songs Vol.4