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Don’t Give Me a Label

A delightful collection of Joanne’s insightful and witty songs for adults, recorded at concerts and studios over the years.  16 songs, including 13 of her originals, an old gospel song sung as a duet with her son Adam Ezra, a parody by Bob Blue, and a Lyle Lovett song.


Track List:

1. Don’t Give Me a Label

2. Long Night Tonight

3. Buyin’ Time

4. Undertows

5. Turn Back the Covers

6. (Intro to So Soon in the Mornin’)

7. So Soon In the Mornin’

8. Time’s Soft Wisdom

9. (Intro to Old Woman)

10. Old Woman Who Swallowed a Pill

11. Forever

12. Middle Age Mama

13. (Intro to Goodnight Jo)

14. Goodnight Jo

15. (Intro to Their Way)

16. Their Way

17. Set Me Free

18. A Question of Tempo

19. Dreams of Harmony II

20. (Intro to God Will)

21. God Will

DIGITAL VERSION of CD: Don’t Give Me a Label - Original Songs for Adults