“This is not your average chorus by a long shot; it is a unique community chorus with an extra helping of pizzazz, soul, fun, and talent.  I feel so proud and lucky to be a part of the magic we create together on Tuesday nights”~ Luna (Lexington)  

"Joanne's energy brings out the best in everyone!" ~Suzi (Watertown)

"The GBIC is a chorus where every voice is welcome. Together, we make wonderful music and build community. Chorus night is the highlight of my (otherwise wonderful) week." ~Janis (Arlington)

“It’s the one thing my 16 year old son and I regularly do together – and we both love it!”  ~Anne (Arlington)

"Being part of the GBIC is a little bit like being at a sports game:  there's socializing, cheerleading, clowning around, and actually engaging the plays.  But mostly it’s energizing!  Tired at the end of the day?  Expending this kind of energy lifts you up and leaves you glad you made yourself go" ~Robert (Cambridge)

"My first semester I dreaded the concert at the end; I was shocked when it turned out to be hugely fun!" ~ Kath (Bedford)

“GBIC is a unique opportunity for singers of all abilities to sing together in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.  It is truly amazing to hear how all of our unique voices come together, blending into wonderful harmonies”  ~Bob (Jamaica Plain)

“The GBIC constructs powerful bonds between a diverse group of people through just a few musical notes”  ~Rebecca, 15 (Arlington)

"If work and family responsibilities have resulted in your having put music on hold, if you're looking for something to share with your child or partner, if you think a once-a-week car trip might result in improved family communication, consider joining GBIC! At a cost far less than therapy, Joanne's chorus promotes confidence, positive attitude and happiness. At a minimum, you're bound to make new friends and have a fun time singing every Tuesday evening" ~Karen (Wayland)

“I never miss chorus- it completes my week to have some laughs and hear our voices harmonize in song”~ Sandra (Watertown)

“The chorus has been a joyful part of my week since I joined several years ago. It brings together people of all ages to sing and have fun in a friendly and supportive community.” ~Sarah (Watertown)