Director, Joanne Hammil

Joanne Hammil is a composer/songwriter, performer, music educator and choral director. She graduated Smith College in 1969 with a B.A. in Music and has been a musician and music educator ever since. Joanne currently directs 3 community choruses and presents concerts and workshops across the country. She has 4 CDs and Songbooks out of her original songs, and her music has been recorded by many musicians and published in several books (both collections and text books). To learn more about her work and her own music, see



For an enthusiastic account of Joanne’s music, to find out what a amazing director she is, and to hear what a total BLAST we have each week in her intergenerational chorus, call Janis Fleishman at (617) 823-0027.  There are dozens of other people in our chorus that would also be happy to tell you how talented, brilliant and fun Joanne is, and what a pleasure it is to sing under her guidance.