Music and Rehearsals

·        We sing in 3, 4 or more parts, in a wide range of musical styles:  multi-cultural songs, folk, doo wop, contemporary and traditional songs, classical, novelty.

·        Our rehearsals include intense but fun learning.  In our brief hour and a half per .week sessions we work efficiently but always with room for fun.  Sometimes we even incorporate a quick musical game midway, to help us get to know each other better.

·        We generally sit by parts (SATB), though sometimes mix seating.

·        We begin right at 6:30; occasionally stretch to a little beyond 8:00.

·        Members should have the intent of being at every session they possibly can.

·        We have 2 concerts a year, one concluding each semester in January and May.

Listen to our great sound on YouTube!
Some full songs from our May 2008 concert:

The Weather Song – music by W.A.Mozart, words by Maurice Gardner, modified by Karen Sylva

Es ist ein Ros entsprungen – By Melchior Vulpius (1570-1615)

Move Like Jazz – By Joanne Hammil

We Shall Not Give Up the Fight – South African Freedom Song

Play a Simple Melody – By Irving Berlin; additional parts by Karen Sylva & Joanne Hammil

Bang the Glass – By Joanne Hammil; (based on a traditional glass-passing game)

Streets of London – By Ralph McTell; arr. J.Hammil

Tradition – Music: Jerry Bock; (original words from ‘Fiddler On the Roof’: Sheldon Harmick); parody words: Joanne Hammil

Some snippets from past concerts:

The Work Out – By Joanne Hammil 

Sithi Jabula - Traditional: South African - arr. Anders Nyberg & J. Hammil - English lyrics by J. Hammil

Dona Nobis - By Peter Schickele 

Their Way - Music, Paul Anka - new lyrics Bob Blue - arr. J. Hammil 

Singing with You! - Orig. "Hey, Babe, Hey!" Cole Porter - new lyrics Karen Sylva

Come from the Heart - Susanna Clark & Richard Leigh - arr. J. Hammil

Freedom is Coming - Traditional African Song - arr. J Hammil